DIY: Asian Face Mask

Hi everyone!
A few weeks ago I started dancing again with some friends, and I wanted to record some dances that I know (they're basic dances like Caramelldansen, Ievan polkka, Renai Circulation..) but I didn't know what to choose when it comes to outfits, so I watched some videos from people who makes dance covers, and they all have one thing in common, a face mask!
Citizens also wear those kind of masks to avoid pollution, and yellow dust season in Korea (I've never heard about this before)
So I decided to do my personal face mask since I didn't know where to buy one.

I'm also selling these kind of face masks <3 p="">

  • Fabric (I used black)
  • Elastic (Black too) 
  • Safety pins and chains (For decoration)
  • Needle and thread

Let's start!

And you're done!