DIY: Futurama Brain Slug // Babosa cerebral


  • Porexpan ball
  • Green foam
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Knife / Cutter
  • Glue (better hot glue)
  • Markers or tempera (egg-based paint?) What works to you
This is our porexpan ball, this will be the inside of our futurama brain slug.

 Start cutting the base with a cutter, since I couldn't find a cutter I did it with a knife but I'd totally recomend doing it with a cutter
Then, place a circle of foam using glue or hot glue.

Put double-sided taple all around the porexpan ball, you can also use hot glue, I think that is better than double-sided tape but maybe it will dry more quickly.

Then, we'll start with the foam. It is the most difficult part and I recommend not doing it alone because you will have to pull the foam and you'll need more than two hands.
I don't really have good pics of it, just mobile phone quality, sorry.

Put the ball on a tin/jar. 
Iron the foam by putting it between a fabric (it can be a t-shirt or whatever) Iron it carefully and about 5 mins so it will become easy to deform.

Once that you have ironed the foam, put it on the ball and pull it down, it is not easy to pull, but the more that you have ironed it the more easy to pull. Do this stepy really fast, otherwise, it will be very difficul to pull if the foam gets cold. (I broke one sheet of foam while I was pulling it down the porexpan ball)

Cut the edges with scissors to make the shape of the brain slug tentacles.

Then, paint the eye of the Futurama brain slug with the materials that you have chosen (it can be markers or acrylics or whatever you want)

To make the horns of the slug you can use chopsticks or something thinner and press it down the ball, don't forget to paint them green before!

And you're done!

You can also put it on a headband or with some hairclips to wear it in your head!
This is a original decoration to wear to carnival, halloween or also conventions

And this is a futurama's theme remix to hear while you're doing your brain slug