DIY: 2013 Summer must-have!

So today i was watching tutorials on how to make a dress, a bikini and a bleached shorts, and it was amazing! There are a lot of videos on the internet and some of it were really easy to do! (i did a skull cut t-shirt a few days ago) and I was trying to find an old t-shirt to make a bikini, so I'll ask to my dad later. 
The worst part of it? i have just a little LITTLE and very little idea on how to sew!! so it's gonna be hard to me. 
Let the creative you go crazy!

DIY flag shorts
DIY bikini from a t-shirt  (i'm gonna try this!)
DIY bleached shorts, dyed shorts and tumblr shorts 

They keep it simple, easy-to-find materials and super creative!
Let me know if you have tried them and how did it ended!