Billy kidd was shot by me!

hahaha i wish i could work with him!

Have you ever heard this name? if the answer is no, you should read this post, is always good to learn something new! <3
Full time photographer and father, Billy Kidd was born in Panama City, Florida, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He moved at the age of six and now he is a well known photographer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Billy is preparing his first exhibition in Soho, NY at Clic Gallery on September 2012 and is selling prints, polaroids, and his limited edition book through KickStarter to raise funds.
(yup, i know it's not a wikipedia biography.)

I discovered him while i was searching photos on paranaiv, and his B&W photos surprised me, and his personality is beyond the sucess of his work. He does not photograph bodies, he photographs souls. Well, he has done some photos of decaying flowers too! Here are some of his work:
and he paints too!