Dior x Raf Simons

Raf simons work was simple, with basic colours. It tried to be diffetent, but it failed. A lot of blogers are saying that it looked like his last collection at Jil Sanders and i think i agree with them.
He has tried to bring back the classy Dior, he has turned it into a minimalist show.
I personally don't like it, it seems like another fashion show and something to wear in the street, not high fashion at all, but there were some cute pieces.
He hasn't reached Galliano's status( of course!), Raf's desings are just fashion, but Galliano's desings were much more creative, dramatic and exaggerated, they are just completely different.
Can Galliano come back, please?
and btw, what happened with the show? it didn't loaded well or what?