Easy DIY: Painting T-shirts!

Since I realised that I got too many plain T-shirts and a hoodie that I don´t really use, I started searching new ways to customize them, and I found that you can paint your own desings on them with acrylics.

  • A T-shirt, hoodie, skirt...What you want to customize.
  • Acrylics (as many colours as you wish)
  • Brushes
  • Cutter, paper and printer (only if you want to print the design)

First step: Draw what you want to put on your T-shirt on paper, this will guide you before you start drawing

Second step: Pick a brush and start painting as you wish! 
In my hoodie I wanted to draw a pair of wings and the word freedom

Let it dry outside all night (maybe less) and then put the hoodie backward and iron it. It will let the acrylics set and they won't fade when you wash it.
Remember to wash the brushes!
(sorry for the bad quality pics)