Prada Spring / Summer 2013 Womenswear Show

Beautiful, asiatic and futuristic desings all mixed up with Prada's flowers.
At least I am happy because I did not see basic colours in a minimalistic way...(You kndior what I mean)...Okay, Some of their looks were so minimalistic and all black (except shoes, socks and glasses, which were so beautiful , or weird I cannot define it OMG.)
It was different, and once again, it tried to be futuristic but those patterns..They are so used this season I think, (plain skirt and top + shoes/socks, that is what I mean.) this briefs like big big hipsters have appeared in so many shows (another seasons, I know)
Moreover, those printed flowers were so printed, like a square and then flowers on it. Not so pretty in my opinion.
Well, good impresion, spring flowers in a black and white (mixed with basic colours) Maybe is my impresion but I think that they could have done better.

About the models....They looked exactly the same. It is okay because this way you focus on clothes. Have some regonized models walked? Really, if Daphne, Karlie or Frida have walked, I haven't regonized them.
Ginta have walked, I have just seen a photo of her.

[Soooooorry for my bad english and thanks for reading!]