[Uniqso Review] Circle Lenses + Cosplay

Kick it Side (lip tint) Orange

Barbie Bambi Brown (LNBB057BR), 12,95 eur.
Dolly Eye Twilight Red (LNDE052RD), 16,65 eur.
Barbie Crazy Halloween Lens-Cat (LNBB048), 14,47 eur.
Dolly Eye Princess Nudy Violet (LNDE029VL), 13,02 eur.
Dolly Eye Twilight Violet (LNDE052VL), 16.65 eur.

Sub-Total: 73,08 eur.
+ Shipping: 10,91 eur. 
(Express shipping -> 5-6 days)
 - New customer discount: -10,96 eur.
Total: 73,03 eur

As you can see, it was a huge circle lenses order, we did it because shipping is cheaper than buying one by one. We had free normal shipping (about 20-30 days) but we chose DHL shipping because it is faster and secure. Communication with Uniqso was great, they really care about your order and asks if it has reached or not, or if there's a problem with it. 
What else can i say? Every pair of circle lenses I have are from them. They also have great promotions like buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 2 get 1 free, free shipping and so on. As I've said, regular shipping is free over 60$ and above 2 express shipping becomes cheaper. But if you want to what promos are currenly in, you can check it here. I guess that they are clearing "crazy lenses" stock, which includes both twilight that I brought, red and violet ones.

Communication: 5/5 They are always willing to help you and care about your order.

Stock: 4,5/5 Sometimes specifical lenses are not in stock, but you have lenses from 0.00 (plano) to -7,50 and even more (it depends on the brand) And a wide range of models depending the eyes you have, the cosplay you want to make...And some customer pics. They're classified by color, by water content, diameter...So it's very useful and well made comparated to other online stores. 

Shipping: 4/5 Not the cheapest but they always have promotions and so on. It is better to make an order with a group of people than alone, but quality/price is reasonable. 

Overall this is my fav circle lenses store by far

Dolly Eye Twilight Violet Review


This is the best model of circle lenses to do cosplay. Color is solid and bright in every eye color -yes, dark brown too- and also in low light. The black rim enlarges the eye -dollish- and they're comfy, but not as everyday use colored contacts, because they have less water percentage. I find them easy to put them on because they're more solid than the average. I used them to cosplay Kirigiri (from Danganronpa) and they fit great! So I brought a pair in blue to cosplay Panty (from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

Also, if you are searching a good cosplay shop or a good wig shop I'd totally recomend those: 
Has a lot of  different wigs for daily wear and for cosplay, their prices are cheaper than most online shops and their quality is AWESOME. I'll upload soon two wigs from this shop. They're over Ebay wigs quality and their prices goes from 9$-20$ (more or less) + shipping. They also have lolita dresses, shoes, cosplay accesories and so on. Check it!

Role Cosplay shop has a wide range of cosplays and the lastests. From movie to TV series and also Marvel and DC Comics costumes. They sell zensuits too, wigs and accesories. I haven't brought from them yet but what they do offer is worth. Take a look and let me know what you think about it!