[Lens Review] GEO Color Nine: Aqua Blue


Brand : GEO Medical 
Origin : South Korea 
Water Content : 40% 
Base Curve : 8.6 
Diameter : 14.2 mm 
Type : 1 year disposal 
Content : 1 pair of lenses + 1 lens case  
Price: $16.90

Indoors light, one lens in

Flash, one lens in

Flash, both lenses in

Flash, with makeup

Outdoors light, with makeup

Confort 7/10
Colour: 10/10
Enlargement 8/10
Desing 9/10

They're really bright and cover the real colour of your eye perfectly, they might not give you the 'dolly look' but a natural enlargement as you can see in the pictures. Maybe it is not the most natural pattern but it does not look alien-ish. I used them for Kagamine Rin's cosplay and ther really worked, but I think that te colour seems more like Miku's eyes, because it is not a pure blue, as its name says, is 'aqua' so it has a light shade of green on them.