Kaleidoscope glasses for Futuristic Fashionistas

"Kaleidoscope comes from the words Kalos, Eidos, and Skopeo. Beauty, Shape, and to Look. In other words it means to see the beauty of life. "

A few days ago Future Eyes contacted me, they are a online shop from Los Angeles which sells a one-of-a-kind glasses; Kaleidoscope Glassses.
They are handmade and have been worn by Kelly Osbourne at Coachella 2013 as for many other fashionistas, they also have more styles to fit your desires! Like Rainbow Kaleidoscope glasses.
But if you don’t like glasses, they have Kaleidoscope necklaces too!

But they’re also a must have for photographers! Which this kind of lenses you can take pictures that you haver never dreamed about!

Also, this month they're running a promotion. For the entire month of August everyone who orders a pair of Future Eyes will get another pair to give to a friend. 

What do you think guys? Would you wear them?
What do you like most, Kaleidoscope Glasses or Kaleidoscope Rainbow?

Because you have the power to see reality in a different way.
~Eyewear for the soul~