DIY Skull cut out shirt

Hi my little pirates!! ☠ ☠ ☠ Rawwwwwwwwr!
So today, we're going to learn how to do a Skull cut out shirt :D
Is the most easiest project, if i can do it, you can too! (and better than me)

What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • A t-shirt (this old t-shirt that is so big and so plain)
  • A pencil or something that can be erased easily
  1. First: draw at the back of your t-shirt the eyes, nose and mouth of your skull, the pattern you liked the most! It can be with big eyes or little ones, a cute pattern or a sexy one. I used this (click)
  2. Then: Cut it! Yes, don't be afraid, cut only the back of your shirt, where you drew the pattern. Leave the front plain, do not cut it

Strech the holes to make the cutted part less visible, and wash it! (because you don't want to see the pencil marks.

Hype on lookbook(;

Another option, is to cut the sleeves (measure it first) and cut theneck too, to make it like a tank top
My original t-shirt was liliac, a colour that don't fit me! so i bleached it (weelll.....i nearly destroyed it so:)

How to bleach a shirt:

Pic a big contairner (like a cat sandy box) and fill half of it, then add less than the half of the filled part with bleach 
(it needs to be the one for clothes. Anybody said it to me so i used a lot and it was for wash the bathroom..)
Leave the shirt for about a bit less than an hour, or just when it is totally white, and let it dry outside. Don't leave it in the sun, it will turn a bit yellowish
If it turn yellowish like mine, all you need to do is to shop a white dye or something that can remove it, go to a supermarket and ask. Mine was about 3€

Goodluck and lots of love!! Laura xx